About US

Business Process Consulting Zrt. have been established in 2001 to provide IT developments and business intelligence solutions for its clients. Our company have become IBM’s “Business Parter of the Year” in 2011 and 2012 as a result of our works in the fields of business intelligence (BI) and company performance management (CPM).

We have been rewarded with this title in the category of “IBM Cognos” as IBM’s tribute for our efforts in selling Cognos products and providing services connected to them. It also means that our company is currently the best IBM Cognos expert in Hungary.Currently 14 people provides IBM Cognos BI, CPM, TM1, SPSS consultancy, data warehouse and ETL developments. There are 11 of them who have acquired 34 international IBM Cognos qualifications. As a result of constant internal trainings, this number is continuously growing. Our qualified 20-member software developer team are creating Core systems and unique case management applications for numerous important participants of the financial sector. Besides the measurable effectivity results it’s also important to us to become reliable and honest partners of our clients who are able and willing to understand the problems of their clients and provide the best possible solutions for them. Our team have 12 international Oracle, Sybase, Sun, Bosch and IRCA qualifications

Constant professional development and innovation is the driving force in our company. Our employees regularly participate in inner and outer trainings and international exams to keep their knowledge up to date and to be able to proactively find solutions for our clients’ problems.
Our company also possess a significant amount of know-hows in the fields of finance (banking, insurance, leasing, loan, credit card, etc.), telco (telecommunications engineering records, data warehouse) and polity (municipal administration support).
One of the main goals of our employees’ is to acquire an internationally recognized qualification in their areas of expertise, which means constant trainings are really important in the life of our company.