Business Intelligence Consulting

In our work we have gained a lot of experience, which the larger companies require of us, through the development of safely operating, complex rights-managed architectures that serve hundreds of users.
Each time we introduce the IBM Cognos system that we have implemented, we do so by creating a concept, and preparing licensing plans, resource plans, as well as architectural plans. We have commissioned IBM Cognos 10 systems operating in both the financial and the public administration sectors; which in addition to a high number of users (> 100) also function on multiple platforms (Windows, Solaris, Linux), using a variety of data sources (Oracle, SAP-Sybase, MS-SQL), and operate in an architecture that provides high availability (load balancing, failover cluster).

Our scope of activities includes the development of business intelligence (BI) systems based on unique demands. This, among other things, involves the transformation of user interfaces, the refinement of data extraction methods, and the customization of data management and reporting to fit the requirements of our clients.

Why do we use IBM Cognos?

Be it business intelligence, financial health check,
strategy management or some other type of business analysis, IBM Cognos is a software that can provide your company with everything that is necessary for an effective, data-based operation.

All the various Cognos products are recommended for both one-man companies, small, medium, and even large businesses, with separate work groups and departments as well. IBM Cognos was designed to help everyone in the company make decisions that can have the best possible business results – both in the short and long term.

Beside Business Intelligence systems we are also able to create modern and innovative integrated Corporate Performance Management systems (CPM) as well, which provides managers with the opportunity to check the organization’s strategic and operative control processes and to measure performance.

With the help of IBM Cognos products we are able to create any kind of controlling and management tools in a consistent and integrated way. From strategic planning and the measurement of strategy implementation, through the connection of strategic and operative planning, all the way to operative measurements and analyses.