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Data is created during the workflow of a company, through the use of various IT and business system. In themselves they might seem unclear and worthless, but with the help of the right business intelligence (BI) system the information one is able to extract from them can be indispensable for in making good business decisions.

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The abbreviation “ETL” refers to the three important processes of database management: Extract, Transform, and Load. The goal of ETL tools is to extract the required type and amount of data from the appropriate source database, transform this data into the required form, and load the previously created data into the goal database, i.e. the data warehouse.

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Big Data

Big Data refers to all the structured or unstructured data of a company, from which such information can be extracted, with the use of a data mining system, that help the further functioning of the company, that are essential in regards to making business decisions, and that can even be vital to the company. The existence and proper use of Big Data has already become indispensable for modern companies to function successfully.

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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is a process of data analysis. Whose goal is helping managers, employees and users make more through business decisions. Business Intelligence systems help companies gather valuable data from both their internal systems and external sources. The gathered data then goes through a series of analyses and queries, based on which reports, data visualizations and statements are created.

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Predictive Analysis

Predictive analysis is a part of data mining, which uses the extracted data to help identify future business opportunities and trends in order for managers to be able to make more accurate and safer decisions about further operations. The BI systems we offer can also help users in these situations, among other things.

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Business Planning

A business plan is a detailed description of a particular company’s planned operations in regards to marketing, financial and general operations as well. Our BI systems analyse the extracted data, which allows for more accurate and safer business planning, as managers become able to make decisions based on real data and information, instead of relying only on their intuitions.

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Custom Applications

Our BI systems provide answers to most of the questions and problems of modern companies, however our highly experienced and professional team of developers is also ready to create custom applications according to the needs of our partners.

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Working Procedures

With the help of the tools and applications we offer, human tasks and working procedures can be well planned, designed and combined. The data obtained through data mining allow for the greatest possible degree of optimization of working procedures in order to make the company’s operations more effective than ever before.

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Artificial Intelligence

Over the last few years, the world of computing has undergone incredible changes. With deep learning and AI, computers are learning to write their own software.Deep learning has made it possible to increase the computing capacity of computers. It allows you to solve more complex tasks than before and enables smarter machine learning that gives more accurate results.

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