Quality Management

Our corporation has set up and implemented its quality management system according to the ISO 90001 in 2003, which was then followed by a successful certification audit in December of the same year. Our quality management system is constantly evolving, whose effectiveness is proven by surveillance audits and a successful recertification audit. During development the recommendations of MSZ ISO/IEC 12207 – Information Technology Software Life Cycle Processes Standard were also taken into account, and we have taken the first steps towards the TickIT certification, which belongs to the ISO 9000 series of certifications for software developers and service providers.

Through the quality management system the scope of the ISO 9001 standard covers management and support processes, as well as core activities, and their regulation:
– Software Development
– IT Consulting, IBM Cognos Consulting

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The Code of Business Conduct defines the ethical norms towards colleagues and customers, suppliers, competitors, other players in the external environment and other business partners, laying down the principles that ensure ethical and fair business operations and relationships. Compliance with ethical standards defined in the Code of Conduct is required from all employees by BPC.

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The Quality Policy of Business Process Consulting Ltd.

BPC Ltd. strives to ensure maximal customer satisfaction through full commitment to quality and professionalism of its staff, and their constant development.

BPC Ltd. aims to:

– through its competitive, innovative and high-quality, complex IT and business solutions, as well as its prepared staff completely satisfy its clients’ and partners’ current and expected needs, and to obtain and maintain their satisfaction, even by EU standards,
– help its clients and partners perform efficient and of high-quality work through the use of the most modern methods and technologies,
– be in possession of up-to-date information about the evolution of customers’ and partners’ needs, and to search for quality solutions and more efficient ways of work, accordingly,
– earn clients’ and partners’ recognition by maintaining a consistently high level of service and continuously improving their satisfaction,
– retain customer and partner loyalty and increase market shares in both the IT and consulting markets, based on high quality services,
– establish mutually beneficial cooperation and agreements with prospective and existing clients.

BPC Ltd. intends to organically implement its objectives into the quality management system. In order to do this:

– they operate with a system that corresponds to the ISO 9001 standard, and is constantly upgraded,
– the management and staff of BPC Ltd. are committed to continuously improving the company’s operations, which they all actively participate in,
– the management expects a quality attitude, commitment to professionalism and quality, and quality work to be done, at all levels,
– the company expects its suppliers and partners to accept their requirements for quality and to comply with the prescribed requirements,
– the company is continuously improving its employees’ preparedness, whilst making sure to meet their needs, because it can significantly affect relationships with customers, as well as the quality of the company’s products and services,
– BPC Ltd. continuously monitors the incumbent legislation, and fully complies with the obligations undertaken in clients’ contracts.

Quality management operations are attended to with the assistance of a Quality Management Leader, who – irrespective of other duties and responsibilities – has autonomous power in this area.